I’ve waited 12 years for Portugal and Ronaldo

My first instinct was naturally to bash the Cristiano Ronaldo haters. The magnitude of the “F**k you” I would have bestowed upon you is unprecedented. Especially the ones who worship Messi. But the mature and more constructive approach was to recognise and highlight the fact that the mass media has again warped your minds and heavily influenced your opinions. Keep Reading

Winning an argument solves nothing

Winning an argument solves nothing. It has no advantage in life apart from self validation and ego boosting. Self praise is meaningless.

Getting someone to understand your point of view because you articulated your points systematically and with diplomacy, is a great feat indeed.

You don’t have to be right. What you’re doing here is expressing yourself well enough for another person to understand your point of view. This opens the door for advancement.

Go point by point. Dont overwhelm.Talk and listen. Most of communication is really about tone and body language. It’s easy to miss the message if your tone and body language are confrontational.

Is the Booty Worth It?

This article is mainly for guys but ladies feel free to read. On the real how much money do we guys spend on getting that ass? Whether directly on dinners, gifts, phone credit or indirectly on haircuts, clothes, car accessories etc.  If we’re honest there’s a lot we do with ladies in mind, but my question is: “Is all this shit worth it?”

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How to drive like a boss in T&T

You think driving like a boss means driving fast? Do you think it means dodging in and out of traffic? Is driving like a boss the ability to fit in tight spaces? No it’s not. While those skills may be advantageous in an action movie or fantasy land, a true boss is not so easily influenced. A true boss drives with intelligence and class.

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