YOLO Miracle

I am beginning to realise that not many people believe in everlasting life. Pop culture defines this as a “YOLO” generation. You only live once, so seize your own happiness and comfort, even at the expense of others. Keep Reading

Overpriced Fete Tickets 2016 (first interview with MVP feat. Omari.xyz)

While driving back from visiting a friend at the hospital, Omari.xyz spontaneously interviews MVP about his views on the price of 2016 fete tickets in Trinidad. This is my first interview, none will ever be edited because it just takes too much time, and we’re busy living life. MVP is a good friend so we will hear more from him in the future.


Woman Up!

We are so preoccupied trying to prove that women can do what men can do, that we are losing our sense of gender and self. The reality is that women do what men can’t do. Keep Reading

You won’t be 22 forever

Society is fooling women into thinking they have the world of options. It’s telling you that every man wants you. Don’t be fooled by every guy liking your photos on social media, or providing you with shallow compliments. Unless you are a complete troll, every guy just wants to get into your pants. It’s how men were made.

Some men just disguise it better.

Keep Reading