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You won’t be 22 forever

Society is fooling women into thinking they have the world of options. It’s telling you that every man wants you. Don’t be fooled by every guy liking your photos on social media, or providing you with shallow compliments. Unless you are a complete troll, every guy just wants to get into your pants. It’s how men were made.

Some men just disguise it better.

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Are they Loyal?

When I looked up the definition of loyalty, a quick Google search described it as: “a strong feeling of support or allegiance.” had it as: “faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, cause, etc.” I can relate to Google’s definition more. I would add that there is no real loyalty without love. Keep Reading

About Me

I didn’t want to use this section to talk about myself, but rather why I’m writing. After thinking long and hard about ways to change the world and protect the environment, I’ve decided that if it could be done, it wouldn’t be through any one man or group.

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