YOLO Miracle

I am beginning to realise that not many people believe in everlasting life. Pop culture defines this as a “YOLO” generation. You only live once, so seize your own happiness and comfort, even at the expense of others.

That will explain all the selfish and self-promoting actions that have become a global epidemic.

Sometimes I wonder if God were to show the the world a direct and obvious miracle, would the entire world come to its knees? Would people then believe there is life after death?

So far all we have to go on is the written word: (a series of  documented historical experiences,) and faith. Faith is a concept that eludes most of mankind. We live in a world that revolves around proof and empirical data. Our socio-economic, justice  and even cultural systems mandate evidence that appeal to the 5 senses. Faith, which is an abstract concept, has no place there.

We are now advanced in capturing and transcribing events. Is it time for an update miracle? So it too can be documented to inspire this and future generations? Not everyone will have the wisdom to realise that everyday and every breath is a miracle.

You can’t love only the wise; and not only the wise should be saved. Sometimes this world collectively just needs some inspiration.



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