I’ve waited 12 years for Portugal and Ronaldo

My first instinct was naturally to bash the Cristiano Ronaldo haters. The magnitude of the “F**k you” I would have bestowed upon you is unprecedented. Especially the ones who worship Messi. But the mature and more constructive approach was to recognise and highlight the fact that the mass media has again warped your minds and heavily influenced your opinions.

They showed you an emotional Ronaldo crying when he was 19, followed by the imagery of so-called petulance during his career. They never would have shown you his unending charity work, leadership abilities and the complex nature of a non-alcohol drinker who tries to utilise his public image to spread a positive message of hard work and loyalty. Just ask Sir Alex Ferguson, Zinedine Zidane and people who actually know the man. Alas sheep generally do shy away from the complexity of deeper analysis and constructive critical thinking.

The 12 year debate is now over, trivial, asinine and unsustainable arguments are now laid to rest. Quality and character both on and off the pitch were the silver linings on showcase in yesterday’s final. For if he had played the entire game, many would not have realised the extent of that influence and character, under the harshest of circumstances.

A team that was more than just one man, united under God.
para você capitão … Forca ‪#‎Portugal‬ ‪#‎EURO2016‬

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