Is the Booty Worth It?

This article is mainly for guys but ladies feel free to read. On the real how much money do we guys spend on getting that ass? Whether directly on dinners, gifts, phone credit or indirectly on haircuts, clothes, car accessories etc.  If we’re honest there’s a lot we do with ladies in mind, but my question is: “Is all this shit worth it?”

After spending all this money, time and effort, what’s there to show? It’s simple: messed up relationships, uninspired sex, depleted bank accounts. It just might be more economical and less stressful to go with a prostitute. You may spend less money, definitely less time and can ask for what satisfies you. Now I’m not saying that any guy should do that, I would never, but you have to wonder sometimes: Is the pussy worth it?

My answer is: No. Your time and money would be better spent on you. Not the playboy version of you that’s looking for pussy, but the real you. What are your dreams? What are your aspirations? Spend your money, time and gray matter on these things. That certificate, that computer program, that car part, whatever  you think will help you get further. While you’re focused on achieving your goals, there are two types of women you’ll meet: Distractions and Supporters.

It’s  easy to distinguish between the two. Distractions always want to go out, want you to spend your time and money on non-goal achieving activities. Supporters understand your time constraints and are willing to sponsor hangout time and chill in more low key spots because they’re all about helping you not distracting you. I don’t need to say which one you should focus on, and who you should tell “laterz”.

Let me be clear, I’m not opposed to guys spending money on ladies, I’m just opposed to wasting on the wrong ones. Pay attention to your personal development and less on “running game.” You’ll live a more fulfilling life, a more economical life and you’ll draw the right person to you.

Chad Phillip
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