How to drive like a boss in T&T

You think driving like a boss means driving fast? Do you think it means dodging in and out of traffic? Is driving like a boss the ability to fit in tight spaces? No it’s not. While those skills may be advantageous in an action movie or fantasy land, a true boss is not so easily influenced. A true boss drives with intelligence and class.

A high class driver knows reckless driving and speeding doesn’t impress girls. (Yes I’ve asked every classy girl in our country.) I’ve even spoken to some of the gas brains. They like Formula 1 and Rally car drivers, not speedy Simon in his civic. In fact most think this fast, reckless driving is just a way to compensate for having a small….pedal.

It’s right up there with excessively loud music, any classy girl hates that’s nonsense. However, there are structured events like car shows and limes to exhibit your souped up music system. By all means show it off there, but use discretion. Don’t want to get tanty vex.

There are also some racing circuits in Trinidad and Tobago that allow you to satisfy your need for speed in a safer environment and one that doesn’t inconvenience , irritate and most importantly endanger the lives of every woman and child on the roadways. Big men like to say “Relax yuhself I know how I driving..” That is until they crash or die.

Keeping all that in mind, here are some ways to show your class on the roadways, and really set an example. To drive like a true boss you must:


Be courteous – give someone a chance. You know what that says? It says you’re a superior driver and on a level where you don’t need to drive around  needing to rush into every open space you see on the road.

Use your indicator -not only when turning into a street, but also when changing lanes. It says to other drivers: “Aye I’m headed in this direction so know how yuh driving.”) A real statement.

Dim those bright lights and fog lamps. If you’re blind stay off the road. There is no need to temporarily blind other drivers with your overly bright lights. “”Dip your lights.” Turn them down when you see oncoming cars. If you have fog lights/lamps keep them off unless you’re driving through the northern range in a storm. (I think they are illegal as well if I’m not mistaken.) Only the low class driver with something to prove uses fog lamps on a breezy beautiful Caribbean night. Yes your car has fog lights and so do rich people’s cars. Newsflash in the morning they are still gonna be rich and alive and you will still be poor (with fog lamps no one cares about.)

Make sure your car is road worthy. This is a short one. Please don’t drive a smoke bomb and ensure all your lights are working.

Don’t drive on the shoulder. Let me put it this way. If your wife, sister, mother, daughter or child had car trouble you wouldn’t want them to be slammed into on the highway by some fool. Don’t be that fool, not to mention it’s illegal.

Don’t block intersections or pathways while in traffic. Anticipate the space in front in case traffic from the other lanes need to pass. You’re not going anywhere, and trust me the only time 1 min or 5 mins matter, is when you’re in an ambulance. Not late for a meeting or anything else. Life is pace yes, but in death there is no pace. Show your intelligence by leaving a free space.

Give way to drivers on your right, especially around a roundabout. It’s the law.

Say thanks when you get a Bligh. Whenever someone is courteous to you on the road, pop your own or flash your lights to say thanks. It goes a long way to making someone feel it was worth it. And it makes the courtesy infectious. Real nice vibes and ultimate class.



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