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I didn’t want to use this section to talk about myself, but rather why I’m writing. After thinking long and hard about ways to change the world and protect the environment, I’ve decided that if it could be done, it wouldn’t be through any one man or group.

Any real and sustainable change in our thoughts, actions and behaviors toward each other and our natural environment would have to occur under the explicit guidance of God himself. I believe in God, and that Jesus Christ is the son of God. I also believe that only God can judge. Hence it is not my place to judge you if you are an atheist or sceptic. I respect all points of view providing they are not evil. Communication is the only way we can build anything outside of ourselves.

So although I believe that it is only through God that anything can change. I still need to try, do my part and hope that the world is inspired to change God’s mind about directly influencing our lives again.

How then do I inspire any kind of change? Especially when I am of the firm belief that actions speak louder than words, yet ironically my first real step to do anything about it is writing. Perhaps I should consider it the documentation of experiences and ideas. Afterall, when men die, money is gone, minds change and leaders change, only ideas and ideals are left.

So how then can I best communicate and document my ideas and ideals to inspire people, conversations, policies and actionable efforts to do the right thing? Like all things, I guess it will be a learning experience for me too.



I'm an entrepreneur and blogger who believes that sharing ideas and proper communication, can inspire both solutions and people.



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